Stamp Out Extinction

I think it is wonderful that America is going to use its own resources and tax money and profit to help fund conservation efforts around the world. I think it would maybe be even more wonderful if we applied this to America’s own conservation needs. I am not quite sure how having American tax money go offshore is such a “good deal” for American taxpayers. Perhaps I am missing something that Mr. Markarin could explain?
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H.R. 669 Has Moved

HR669 is a Bill that was introduced to the US Congress on  Jan 27, 2009 to prohibit nonnative species of wildlife from negatively affecting the Unites States of America. It did not do much of that, frankly, but it did do quite a bit to show how nonnative species of animals, which are kept as pets would be treated. There was NOTHING in the bill, which would officially grandfather and permit existing birds and other nonnative species to remain with their owners, the process to move a species onto the list was unrealistic (in terms of numbers of species and amount of time) and vague (as to cost and process), and it superseded “importation” as defined by US Customs definitions.

I have much, much more information on my blog about H.R. 669, which I moved during the night. I had always intended this blog to be just about my parrots. When H.R. 669 came up, this was the fastest way for me to begin to get information out.

Here is the new blog site; my facebook H.R. 669 Cause remains as it was.

Thanks for following this blog. I hoped it helped in some small way. Be sure to stay in touch with NOHR669 . It remains an outstanding source of information.